As a Financial Advisor:

When you develop a financial plan, are you spending too much

time on data gathering, research and analysis?

Does this hurt your ability to spend more time with your current

clients or market to prospects?

 Delegated Planning  brings expertise to your financial

planning practice, making the highly labor-intensive process

of data gathering, analysis and report creation more efficient

for you.  We can save you time.

Our knowledge and experience in planning and technology allow us to make an immediate contribution to your firm.   Throughout the process we work together so the final plan reflects your style for the  client.  Because of this collaborative process, you will have the confidence to answer client questions that arise during your plan presentation.

Delegated Planning  also works closely with advisors to standardize systems and processes so that high-quality  and consistent planning services can be offered to your clients in an effective manner.  

​T​he Advisor's Resource for Financial Plans



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