The Advisor's Resource for Financial Plans

​​​​Delegated Planning, LLC is an outsource provider of financial planning services for Advisors.  The company develops, maintains and updates financial plans for the Advisors’ clients.  Having the support of experienced and well educated planners allows Advisors to focus their energy on high value services such as managing client relationships.

Our services offer smaller practices the ability to grow without the commitment of hiring staff and taking on fixed costs.  We have also been engaged by larger firms to give them the opportunity to focus on critical projects without jeopardizing existing services being offered to their clients.  In some cases, we have been utilized to act as a “bridge planner,” covering the time frame between the departure and the arrival of a staff planner.  Additionally we can act as the “manager” of new staff to get them up to speed as quickly as possible without consuming large amounts of the Advisor’s time. 

In accordance with our intense desire for efficiency, we assist firms in building a process that is scalable yet customized to work within the Advisor’s style.  Our unique services keep us updated on available technology in order to leverage programs as effectively as possible. 

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